Monday, 4 June 2012

Album Review: DNTEL - Aimlessness

I love 'Life Is Full Of Possibilities' and the 'Give Up' so much that I think it's a bit odd that everything else DNTEL has produced has left me so very cold. 'Dumb Luck' the collaborative album with various indie musicians was by no means bad it just lost a lot of the electronic charm that drew me to Jimmy Tamborellas production in the first place. After several bits and bob compilations being released I sort of lost track on the guy until 'Aimlessness' came up on my feed of recommended releases. Now I wouldn't call this the level of either 'Life Is Full Of Possibilities' or 'Give Up' it does come appealingly close. It's got more of the DNTEL feel that I love, it's both sparse and totally rammed up the arse with pop quirks & with vocals being used more sparingly it allows DNTEL to experiment a bit more like he did in 'Life Is Full Of Possibilities' as opposed to the rather monotonous approach of 'Dumb Luck'. Aimlessness is a good album with some glorious moments but while not quite up to his best, it is a defiant step in the right direction.


  1. monotonous approach to dumb luck? you gotta be kidding me right every song on the album is a collab with another awesome musician/s. Each song has it's own feel and even though they are all not completely electronic, they still fall under what i call downtempo. Dumb Luck to me is his best work to date because he combines his production techniques with people that know more about actually writing music than himself. If you want more of the life of possibilities (which i also LOVE) then you should check out his after parties EP series. It's all by himself and very.. moody i guess you could say.

  2. I just found Dumb Luck lacked the interesting production that 'Life Of Possibilities' had. I didn't hate the album, personally just found it a bit boring.