Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Comadre - Self Titled

A fresh new year and a time for fresh new releases & whilst I have never heard Comadre before this release I have to say that if 2013 continues in this trait then I'd be a very happy chappy. Comadre is very much a hardcore/screamo album with onslaughts of distortion underneath some incredibly palatable and melodic guitar riffs. Clear influences would be bands such as 'The Blood Brothers' with their grooves, screams and noise. 'Cold Rain' and 'King Worm' pull off one hell of a 1 2 blow as they come in loud and proud with grooves and infectious hooks. 'Drag Blood' comes out a little leftfield with inclusion of Trumpet and the ninth track 'Hack' is a superbly poppy synth laced number with lots of momentum and drive. And that how I'd best describe this album, it's album with a lot of momentum and drive & it never relents, it finds it's footing and pacing early on and runs with it. The isn't any real weak tracks on here, just some tracks outshine others & this is a fantastically punchy record which I'm sure will get a considerable amount of plays this year. 

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