Sunday, 31 March 2013

Music Video: A Primitive Evolution - We Are Lost

A Primitive Evolution are an alternative rock/blues band from Toronto whose accolades read pretty impressively for any upcoming band with various festival appearances, support slots with popular acts such as Billy Talent and coming 2nd in a regional hard rock competition; it's fairly clear to me that this band has appeal. What struck me was how polished and high budget this music video is for an unknown band, with very acomplished direction & some impactful imagery,  I kind of like it! Now whilst this is far from my usual cup of tea & I cannot envision myself listening to this too much in the future I can definitely say as far as big anthemic rock songs go this is a tier above from your average band, and I can imagine fans of bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age, The Dead Weather and Jane's Addiction getting quite the kick out of it. Whilst not a huge fan I can definitely see this band potentially grasping a large audience, the blend of acoustic guitars in what is a fairly heavy up-tempo track & those harsh guitar tones towards the end adds a breath of fresh air in what is often seen as a very stale genre; it's pretty good but those looking for a revolutionary sound may need to look elsewhere. 

'We Are Lost' was released on debut album 'The Prize' last year & is available on Spoitfy 

Why am I rebooting my blog with a song I'm not in love with you ask? I got an e-mail and remembered I had a blog! I will now resume updating said blog.

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