Monday, 21 May 2012

Album Review: Allo Darlin' - Europe

Ahh twee pop, you fickle mistress you! I have quite a mixed relationship with Twee pop on a whole, usually I see the genre as a collection of bands trying to cover up their weak songwriting, with so cute it'll make you sick melodies and lyrics, however when the balance is finally tuned and crafted along side some solid songwriting then it quite often churns out some of my favourite albums. Prepare to file 'Europe' by Allo Darlin' in the later camp as this album combines sensible doses of sweet & very solid song writing with a nice dose of melancholy on the side. This album is pretty fantastic, it's melodic & uplifting with some upbeat guitar driven numbers and my personal favourite the slower ukele numbers, any question as to whether this album was fantastic or mearly very good is settled by the time 'Tallulah' comes in with real emotional force with nothing more then sweetly sung female vocals and a ukele, a truly stunning song on a very very very good album.

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