Thursday, 17 May 2012

Album Review: Hush Arbors/Abouretum - Auerola

I've never been that much of a fan of split LPs, it often feels like an excuse to basically combine 2 bands set of B-Sides in one easy to digest package, whilst some bands have a catalogue of B-Sides to salavate over other bands do no,  & whilst I acknowledge this may not a collection of songs that both artists wrote a while back but couldn't fit them on their earlier recordings it sort of feels like it. This album contains 8 painfully bland songs with none of them doing anything for me. It's the usual indie rock meets folk song writing type of fair & all feels very uninspired, as a fan of Hush Arbors I had hoped for stronger songs from at least these guys but whilst they clearly try to hit the harmonious pop note they strike so often they fail here in an explosion of mediocrity. As for Arboretum it's slightly better but only slight, his collection of songs play off with distorted guitars dragging a sprawling mood but none of it rubbed off on me, this split LP is the very definition of average.

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