Sunday, 20 May 2012

Album Review: Jimmy Edgar - Majenta

Off the bat, this album is really enjoyable at what it does & what that is is a sleazy minimal dance music. Yes this album is clearly not short of any libido as implied sexual acts and the general groove and feel of the thing just screams 'This is sexy and it's having a sexy time come and join us by being sexy' and by doing so it gives it's self just about enough identity from the rest of the minimal dance crowd. This album is really low-key as you'd expect a minimal dance album to be, it's the sort of thing you can throw on in the background, at a club, during a comedown, obviously during sex or in the car and it wouldn't feel out-of-place. It's full of bleeps bloops, shuffling drum patterns, melodic chimes, repeated vocals, Prince and high-pitched female squeals & if you like that sort of thing I'm sure you'll really enjoy this album.

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