Thursday, 24 May 2012

Album Review: Some Velvet Morning - Allies

The is a reason that the Indie rock scene that populated the UK in such great abundance the past decade no longer matters & that's because the music got incredibly lazy and dull. Though I should know better I do still give these bands opportunities because I believe that British flavour of 'Indie Rock' when done right to still be one of my favourite genres and the latest band to attempt to reignite my love for such music is London based band 'Some Velvet Morning'. To get straight to the point, no this isn't the glorious come back of 'Indie Rock' and nor it should be. Asides from a few songs being plenty hooky and melodically strong the majority of the songs would have been considered dated even back in 2005. This isn't the worst album from this genre, not by a long shot & it does have a few redeeming features with tracks such as 'National Valentine', 'The River' & 'Allies (Reprise)' actually being pretty good but for the most part it's an indie rock album that could have been done by any number of bands but for those looking for a quick fix for this sort of thing, then it might do the trick.                           

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