Monday, 21 May 2012

Album Review: Best Coast - The Only Place

I have to say I've sort of been taken aback by this hi-fi approach Best Coast seem to have gone for on this album. Is this the follow album you'd expect from the band that set lo-fi lovers hearts alight back in 2010 with 'Crazy For You'? Well definitely not and whilst not bad I can sort of side with the nay sayers on this one.... to sum it up I think this album is really quite boring, the are a couple of stellar indie pop songs here such as 'Last Year' & 'Dreaming My Life Away' but for the most part I've heard better examples of this polished clean hooky guitar driven flavour of indie pop elsewhere. The distinct problem with this album is a clear lack of personality, you get the feeling any band would've made this album, I still say to anyone that likes Indie pop to check this out as the is a lot about this album that is right but for me it's a bit too bland, predictable and lacking any real personality to justify any sort of real recommendation in this quite pedestrian rock album .

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