Monday, 14 May 2012

Album Review: Niki & The Dove - Instinct

Didn't know of this band until this past weekend when I saw them at a truly fantastic set during the Great Escape at the old mans pub Horatios located on Brighton Pier where I was instantly won over and put this album firmly on my radar. Comparisons to Stevie Nicks & Kate Bush are ripe on other publications but so I'm not going to dell on it too much but I will just confirm that these comparisons are accurate, only with a more tribal spin on their female vocal formula. This album is full of soaring euphoric pop songs & whilst it's not the perfect pop album it come staggeringly close with tracks such as 'The Fox', 'Mother Protect' & 'The Drummer' all with hooks so strong they should be illegal. I highly recommend anyone into the girl led electro pop or any fans of ms. Nicks & Bush out there, the is plenty to enjoy, even if it doesn't QUITE come close to capturing the totally epic and chaotic live performance it's still probably my favourite pop album released this year.

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