Thursday, 19 April 2012

Album Review: Bobby Conn - Macaroni

The is a lot that can be said about politically driven albums & fun/funky isn't often one of those things. This album takes Indie Rock & infuses it with funky disco vibes to make an album bursting at the rims full of character and identity. Given the subject matter this album could easily be self indulgent and ham fisted & whilst I wouldn't exactly call the lyrical content & message subtle it certainly isn't ham fisted in it's approach and most certainly doesn't get in the way of the music. The are huge choruses, excitable and dynamic vocal deliveries and brilliant interplay between bass, guitar, strings and synth which all seems determined as it might to make you dance & just forget about all your problems despite slapping you in the face with them. A surprise for me, never hearing of this artist before, but I'm almost certain to give this one plenty more listens once the dust settles, it just has so much personality! Think Devo meets Jay Retard after a date with !!! and a brief exchange with The Apples In Stereo and you've sort of got an idea of what this album sounds like & it's a whole lot of fun.

Label: Fire Records
Stand Out Songs: Macaroni, Govt, Face Blind, GREEED, Afterschool

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