Thursday, 19 April 2012

Lets Rant About: Double Take - Hot Problems

This is simply one of those songs that just wish was satirical, like some sort of clever stab at the current pop culture trends, such as people with no talent and lots money getting songs recorded, putting them up on youtube & getting millions of hits whilst people with actual talent are getting dismissed all together. Last year we were introduced to 'Friday' & whilst that song was incredibly stupid it at least had an air of innocence to it, was in key & was catchy and to a degree fun, we all ended up having fun singing 'It's Friday Friday Getting Down On Friday' and people eventually came to accept it as a pop song that was possibly a lot better then some of the boring shit you get on the radio such as 'The Lazy Song'.
                                                                                       The main problem with 'Hot Problems' on the other hand is the is absolutely no charm to it what so ever, where as I didn't feel like punching a teenage girl in the face during the entire run of 'Friday' I most certainly do with this song. The lyrics are obnoxious and narcissistic despite being about how hot girls aren't perfect and have the same problems like you & me, at least this is the case until they say at the end 'just kidding we are perfect', which is contradicted by the fact they're off key when they simply speak. HOW THE HELL CAN YOU BE OFF KEY WHEN YOU SPEAK! That's right, these 2 girls don't even sing yet they are off key, again Rebecca Black could at least keep in the same key whilst singing. But still it's this kind of car wreck that we need to bring people together & whilst you could argue I'm feeding the machine by posting this, you're going to see it anyway, I hope we can all just sit back and share a laugh at these girls expense, they clearly deserve it & hopefully it'll help ground them a little bit.

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