Saturday, 21 April 2012

Album Review: La Sera - Sees The Light

This is the second album this year I've listened to from the Vivian Girls camp & whilst I've never been much more then a passing fan of the band I really enjoy this. Frankie Roses effort 'Interstellar' hooked me in with it's rather catchy and excellent song 'Know Me' but turned out to be lacking in any depth, it was kind of repetitive and really didn't offer much in the way of ideas. Now this album doesn't offer much new to the table but what it does do well is it does both Girly guitar pop and straight up Indie rock very well with songs such as the excellent 'I Can't Keep You in My Mind' etched into my head already and receiving several plays on this here computer. In essence an album about love, a girl pop band album at it's core that follows a very melodic traditional Indie rock formula which often harkens back to bands such as Weezer & the Pixies, if that sounds good to you, you'll probably enjoy this album.

Label: Hardly Art
Recommended Songs: I Can't Keep You in My Mind, How Far We've Come Now, Break My Heart, It's Over Now, Drive On

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