Friday, 13 April 2012

Laura Gibson/Gordelia[needs verification]/Do You Feel What I Feel Dear ~ Brighton Komedia 13/04/12 review

So as mentioned earlier in the Blog I was off to see Laura Gibson an was excited by it & by golly was my excitement justified! Whilst I enjoyed the new album 'La Grande' I wasn't totally bowled over by it, but now after tonight's show, I can say with confidence that I am in love with the new CD. So what element of the show stood out most for me? Was it Laura Gibson's fantastic and unique vocal delivery? Yeah that. Was it her charismatic band? Yeah that as well. Was it the quality of the songs in general? Yeah that as well. Was it the 2 guys clearly rushing their tits off and raving to very traditional folk music? Of course that would contribute. Was it the fantastic moment when she had the whole crowd provide the oooo's that make up 'Red Moon' & everyone in the crowd actually doing so? Yes that totally sealed it.
   Out of the support acts I got 2 names from the poster though I'm not sure the 2nd was correct. The first band 'Do you feel what I feel dear', despite the mouthful and somewhat pretentious name, came out very well with their sweeping 6 person orchestra and fantastic harmonised vocals had the crowd really paying attention. The 2nd act who I have down as 'Gordelia' (though as mentioned earlier, was never refered to as such during the set) was a solo female artist who had a stunning voice and did a couple of great covers, however her own stuff other then the 3rd track of her set totally went over my head, despite this I still I see a great deal of potential here and really wouldn't mind seeing her again. Overall though it was a fantastic gig & I really hope to see Laura Gibson and her band back down here soon, the support acts were functional with 'Do You Feel What I Feel Dear' coming off the better of the 2, who are a band I would perhaps like to get familiar with after tonight's performance. 

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