Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Five of the best: March 2012

Xiu Xiu - Always

Guess this could be called Xiu Xiu's pop album? I personally think this is their most accessible record to date but it doesn't compromise on the miserable lyrics and the brilliantly disturbed track 'I Luv Abortions' will stop you yelling 'Sell Out' anytime soon.

Soap&Skin - Narrow

This album is just constantly beautiful & heartfelt and hosts a good number of tear jerkers, whether it be her incredible rendition of 80s Cheese pop 'Voyage Voyage' or the stunning 'Wonder' this album quickly becomes compulsive listening, the only downside is that it's too short, I highly recommend it.

Burial - Kindred

This EP is arguably the best thing Burial has put out, it carries his trademark sound into damned approachable territory here and it certainly has a lot more going on sonically then the previously sparse outings. The track 'Ashtray Wasp' is a particular stand out for me and takes you threw one hell of a journey threw it's 11 minutes but the fact that can be said about all 3 any of the 3 tracks found here is a real testament to how good this thing is.

Hawk Eyes - Ideas

This album is what would most likely happen if QOTSA of 2001 decided to add interesting time signatures to their music & yes it's most definitely rocks & rocks hard it most certainly does. This album is the sort that keeps you on your toes whilst you do all of that head banging & some of the riffs are very much worthy of some devil horns.

Kap Bambino - Devotion

Goes on the principle that distorted synths should only really make you dance and sway this album delivers plenty of incredibly catchy, noisy and pounding dance numbers. Very similar in sound to Crystal Castles in many ways only perhaps a little bit more melodic, whilst being that little bit noisier, this album is best played loud and proud.

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