Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Daniel Johnston/British Sea Power ~ St. Bartholomew Church, Brighton 16th April 2012

Well that was a bit special, the atmosphere & the venue chosen for this event was just perfect! This seated, dead silent, sold out 850 attendance really added a lot to this show, having seen Daniel Johnston at Matt Greoning ATP it sort of felt awkward & the surrounding where the were many bands putting on stellar show's we had Daniel Johnston on a gigantic stage on his own with his guitar stumbling threw his set & it made for quite hard watching (just make it clear it wasn't bad, it certainly had an aura to it but looking at the crowd they felt uncomfortable watching it) here, complete with backing band, it all sort of fitted together a lot better. So first of all we had British Sea Power doing an acoustic set for 30 minutes which introduced the show well, British Sea Power are certainly a diverse band adapting to this more church friendly sound well & whilst nothing special the ever dependable band put on yet another solid show, especially once the sound got balanced better. After a 30minute intermission we saw Daniel Johnston come out to a huge reaction as he played a couple of songs solo & much like the Matt Greoning gig it was met with some awkwardness from the crowd (myself included it has to be said) but after the first song people were starting to get fully invested, the gig really came to life once he and British Sea Power (his backing band for the night) joined forces and performed a repertoire of his hit's including 'Casper The Friendly Ghost', a particularly moody take on 'Walking The Cow', 'Funeral Home' & of course 'True Love Will Find You In The End' to close things off in the encore. A very short set, not exceeding 35 minutes but I think everyone in the church shared a bit of a moment. This wasn't a gig for anyone seeking a clinic in musicianship and stellar vocals but what you got was a spectacle and emotionally charged gig which will most likely stay with you for some time which was met with a standing ovation.

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