Sunday, 22 April 2012

Album Review: Moonface - Heartbreaking Bravery

It comes with much regret to say that the latest Spencer Krug is yet another in a long run of disappointments, what happened? Krug has gone from a guy that used to produce several good to great albums/EPs a year but as of late it's all been so mediocre. I came into this album really wanting to love it, what with the EPs showing some promise and all & the fact Spencer has produced 3 of my favourite albums of all time with Sunset Rubdown and Wolf Parade but this LP commits one of the great sins, it's totally forgettable. Much like Expo'86 (the last Wolf Parade album) you forget you've even listened to it almost as soon as it's over, sure the lyrics here are heart felt and very strongly written but other then the quite fantastic and intense'Faraway Lightning' and the epic 'Yesterday's Fire' it all comes across as a watered down version of his previous outings & bands he's been involved in. It's not a bad album it just holds no real impact what's so ever, it's mediocre.

Label: Jagjaguwar
Recommended Songs: Yesterday's Fire, Faraway Lightning

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