Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Thoughts on: Yppah - Eighty One

Genres: Electronica/IDM/Trip Hop
Mood: Summery/Euphoric/Chilled
Label: Ninja Tune

Here we are in the UK just off the back of some glorious weather where this album would have worked wonders and in the pit of windy, damp & grey familiarity which is when this album decided to get released. Okay I am being a bit hasty as the Great British summer is now but a few months away this is one album I expect to be listening to heavily when Sun finally decides to come back to us. In essence this album is very 90s in it's sound, it's all very upbeat and shimmers with big sounds, light dance beats, reverb & the all important shimmery guitars which are so often the back bone of euphoric electronica.
The music is mostly instrumental with the use of vocal samples but the album also makes use of a frequent guest vocalist 'Anomie Belle' to add a bit of variety in the rhythm and structure of the music on display here & she does a very good job with her vocals, whilst not remarkably different or original, suit the sombre euphoric tones to a tee. Highlights include lead single 'Film Burn' which has an almost shoegazey feel to it, 'R.Mullen' one of the albums more up-tempo songs just sounds massive and slaps a smile onto your face.

On the whole then this album plays out a soundtrack to one of the greatest summers of your life, it's incredibly positive in outlook and very bright, it's got catchy melodies and the atmosphere to back it up, this isn't some shallow attempt to capture the innocence of unadulterated joy it fully embodies it & does it show.

Listen On Spotify: Yppah – Eighty One
Stand Out Songs: 'R.Mullen', 'Film Burn', 'Never Mess With Sunday' & 'Three Portraits'
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