Monday, 9 April 2012

Thoughts on: THEESatisfaction - awE naturalE

Genres: Hip Hop/RnB/Soul/Experimental
Mood: Chilled/Fun/Adventurous
Label: SubPop

An album I had very little knowledge of whilst going into the first listen turns out to be an incredibly catchy, well recorded and really interesting take on RnB/Soul/Hip Hop. This stuff is incredibly catchy but it has a very surreal/warped and weird feel to it but with enough familiar ground being covered to make it incredibly accessible with tracks such as 'Earthseed' & 'Sweat' being amongst some of the best songs I have heard all year, with their off-kilter approach to the genre, they sound incredibly fresh and full of personality.

For all that's good with this album I do find that it loses steam just the tiniest amount towards the end but overall I do really enjoy it and really love the blending of styles & every time the experimental and approachable mix in such a seamless way it's a cause of celebration, the highs make it hard for me not to recommend this album.

Stand Out Songs: Earthseed, Queens & Sweat
Upcoming UK Dates
20th April [Bristol] 24th April [London]

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